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dg picture 2I am a licensed psychologist in private practice. I treat a wide range of clients and have specialized for over 30 years in treating the problems and disorders that can develop following traumatic or adverse life experiences. These might include PTSD, Complex PTSD, other posttraumatic and/or dissociative disorders, as well as anxieties, depressions and phobias that have their origins in earlier traumatic or adverse experiences.

During this time, I have

~ worked with problems resulting from single incident and/or repeated traumatization, interpersonal and/or natural disaster/accidents, recent events and/or experiences in the past, and “big T” as well as “little t” traumas

~ treated trauma in both in-patient and out-patient settings

~ authored the first paper to identify the link between childhood sexual abuse and PTSD, bringing incestuous abuse into the trauma field

~ served twice on the ISST&D Task Force that revised the Treatment Guidelines for Adult Dissociative Identity Disorder

~ given over 200 presentations nationally and internationally on treating trauma

~ held adjunct teaching and/or clinical appointments at the Harvard Medical School, Smith School for Social Work, Tufts Univ. Medical College, Univ. of Massachusetts Medical School (Worcester), Department of Psychology, Univ. of Massachusetts (Amherst)

~ have become Certified in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), an Approved Consultant, Facilitator, and Trainer in EMDR

~ in 2003, authored the first paper to integrate EMDR therapy into the consensus phase-oriented treatment framework for trauma

~ served on the Editorial Boards for the Journal of Trauma and Dissociation and the Journal of EMDR Research & Practice

~ provided consultation to clinicians, agencies, and post-graduate students working with complex and/or dissociative posttraumatic disorders

~ am a Member of APA, MPA and the Western Mass EMDRIA Regional Network

I also see individuals who are wondering if they have ADD or ADHD, working with them to evaluate this possibility. For individuals who do have attentional issues, I provide the psychotherapeutic components of the integrated, comprehensive treatment that is now usually recommended.